Rosemary Essential Oil 10 ml


Aroma: fresh, herbaceous, sweet, camphorous, strong.

Uses: In aromatherapy: refreshing, re-energizing. In folk medicine has been used as an overall tonic, a digestive aid. It is said to increase appetite, to stimulate blood circulation; helps to boost the ability to concentrate and study, strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, offers relief from various skin problems and muscle tensions. Used for inhalation it helps to relieve respiratory problems and symptoms of the common cold. Can be used for baths, massage. Used in hair care – is said to stimulate hair growth, make hair stronger and soothe the scalp.

Blends well with: lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, bergamot, basil.


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INCI: Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil

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